Advertising cubes

Advertising cubes are a very practical type of advertising seating. You can use them in two or even three ways! Depending on your needs, the printed cubes can be used as a seat as well as a table. If you decide to choose Origami model, you can additionally use the cube as a box for storing e. g. marketing gadgets during an event. In our offer you can find cubes differing from each other by size, kind of filling and cover fabric.

Different types of cubes

Easy cleaning of the cover

Advertising and functionality

Excellent print quality

The power of printed cubes

Because of their various uses, advertising cubes can be described as a 2-in-1 product (a table and a seat), and in case of Origami cubes - even 3-in-1 (additional use as a storage box). That's not all ! When choosing cubes, you can decide on the type of filling, as well as the cover fabric. A choice of polyester or PVC covers. You can also decide whether you want your cubes to have soft or hard filling (hard filling is recommended when you want your cube to be a table, not just a seat). Our offer includes cubes in two sizes: 40x40x40 and 50x50x50. If you want to create a "wow effect" on your event's guests, use the cubes to create a wall in the form of a jigsaw puzzle - up to 6 pictures to be arranged!

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Table or seat
advertising cubes can have various purposes, depending on your needs
Hard or soft filling
decide whether you prefer a soft sponge filling or a hard polystyrene filling
A way to store
origami cube model will serve you as a table, seat and also as a storage box
Large advertising space
use the 6 sides of the cube, which you can freely print
Original advertising message
print the cover of the cubes so that they form a puzzle-like wall
Wear-resistant graphics
with clearly saturated colours, UV-resistant

Technical Details

model size weight styrofoam block sponge
Cube 40 40x40x40 cm 1,5 / 2,4 kg
Cube 50 50x50x50 cm 2,5 / 4 kg
Cube Origami S 40x40x40 cm 3,5 kg
Cube Origami M 50x50x50cm 4,5 kg

Colour palette

For production of cubes we use fabrics resistant to tears and mechanical damage. We also use fire retardant fabrics and fabrics with increased UV resistance. The cover of the seats made of double impregnated polyester fabric is digitally printed with the sublimation technique. PVC covers are printed with the solvent technique, and then coated with a special laminate, which increases the resistance of prints to UV radiation and protects them from damage. Both methods guarantee excellent colour saturation and no smudging of the print - your logo, lettering or other graphics will have clear printing edges. Printing will allow you to personalize your cube - we will make the cover in the colour of your choice and place an unique graphic (e. g. your logo) on it.