MITKO products are used in a variety of business, sporting or cultural events. Among tents, Classic and Premium pop-up canopy tents are the most popular ones. They come complete with accessories, such as promotional beanbags, umbrellas and flags.




Pop-up canopy is the most popular type of commercial tents. Their main advantage is quick and easy installation. Stable aluminium frames do not have any loose parts. An additional advantage is their small transport size.


Jehlan starshade is dedicated for demanding customers. Its main advantages are its modern shape and an enormous advertising space. The cover is made of waterproof, wear and tear-resistant polyester fabric. The sidewalls are fastened to the roof with brackets. Due to dye-sublimation printing technology the tents can be custom printed.


The Dome tent is designed for customers who appreciate originality and unique solutions. The tent is based on a pentagonal plan and has a dome shape which effectively distinguishes it from standard shelters. The Dome frame is made of aluminium profiles with a diameter of 45mm. A properly anchored and secured tent can withstand gusts of wind reaching a speed of 100km/h and meets the strict requirements of PN-EN 13782:2015-2007.

Event Accessories


Beanbags are convenient and comfortable products. Stronger fabrics and the option of having the beanbags and cubes fully branded make them indispensable advertising media, allowing you to arrange such places as recreational rooms, waiting rooms, showrooms, but also promotional spots in the open air.


An umbrella is a product which combines promotional qualities with usefulness. It is a very popular and effective advertising medium, which, due to aluminium poles, is characterized by remarkable durability as well as ease of transport and installation.


An advertising flag is a perfect accessory for an event stand. Due to its large advertising surface and small transport dimensions, this product is also an ideal accessory for tents.


Small dimensions, low weight and very easy assembly make the roll-up is the most frequently chosen portable advertising medium. Unrolled from an aluminium cassette, the banner is spread on an aluminium mast. After presentation, a spring help roll the banner back into the cassette which protects the medium during transportation.

Promotional barrier

The promotional barrier is a perfect product for defining space. Digitally printed banners serve advertising purposes at the same time. The product is appreciated by sports teams for isolating service zones and event organizers zone to define particularly attractive sites for event participants.


Advertising sails with digital overprint. Perfect solution for shading any area.

Deck chairs

Deck chairs with individual overprint. Perfect solution for bars, restaurants and chillout zones.


Aluminium advertising gate with individual overprint. Giant size and huge advertising surface.


Zipper-wall is a great advertising tool. It is a system that is characterized by reliability, ease of use and mobility.