The Dome tent is designed for customers who appreciate originality and unique solutions. The tent is based on a pentagonal plan and has a dome shape which effectively distinguishes it from standard shelters. The Dome frame is made of aluminium profiles with a diameter of 43 mm. The profiles are easily joined with special buttons. Dedicated struts stiffen the frame and ensure its stability. Frame components are joined together without any screws. The roof is spread on the erected frame. The walls are fixed with brackets.

A properly anchored and secured tent can withstand gusts of wind reaching a speed of 100km/h and meets the strict requirements of PN-EN 13782:2015-07.

The roof and walls are made of robust, waterproof polyester fabric. Prints are made digitally which allows us to use any colours at the stage of designing tent prints. Apart from this, a basic palette of fabrics in 20 colours of which the Dome tent can be made is available.

Important information

The dome frame of aluminium profiles with section of 43 mm guarantees stability of the tent at wind gusts reaching 100 km/h.
A free space under the canopy, created after eliminating the scissor structure and ropes, allows you to put in additional advertising media, e.g. roll-ups.
Each tent comes with a kit of anchors and guy ropes. Water weights to stabilise the tent on the soft ground are also available.
Large sidewalls make it possible to expose an advertisement of your brand or product. All types of advertising prints can be made in screen-printing or dye-sublimation technology.

Technical Details

size4,7 × 4,5 m5,8 × 5,0 m
number of entrances56
entrance height2,1 m2,1 m
entrance widht2,90 m2,90 m
height3,5 m3,5 m
surface14,5 m222 m2
pop-up time30 minutes40 minutes
weight without / with walls51 / 59 kg69 / 78 kg
transport dimensions (bags)
160 x 50 x 40 cm
70 x 50 x 40 cm

160 x 50 x 40 cm
70 x 50 x 40 cm
40 x 26 x 20 cm

Wall types

Full sidewall
Full sidewall
Wall with zipped door
Wall with zipped door
Wall with panel window
Wall with panel window

Set contains

Roofed structure
Roofed structure
Pins for legs and guy ropes with anchors
Pins for legs and guy ropes with anchors

Colour palette

Do produkcji wykorzystujemy tkaniny odporne na rozdarcia i uszkodzenia mechaniczne. W ofercie dostępne są również tkaniny ognioodporne i ze zwiększoną odpornością UV. Poszycie namiotów MITKO zamówić możesz w kolorze wybranym spośród palety 20. podstawowych kolorów tkanin lub w dowolnym kolorze i z dowolną grafiką, dzięki zastosowaniu nadruku cyfrowego.
blackwhitedark graywarm grayecrubeigebrownyelloworangefluor. orangereddark redpurplevioletlight bluebluenavy bluelight greengreendark greencamouflagesublimation
Wireless LED lighting
Wireless and waterproof (IP68), fastened with hook-and-loop straps. Maximum battery life up to 77 hours. It has 3 levels of brightness and "flash" and "power bank" functions (battery capacity 10400mAh). Full charge time is 8h.
Sand weights
The sand weight (27,5 kg) has hook-and-loop fasteners attached vertically to the leg of the tent.
Folded with elements 25x25 cm. Available in colours: gray, green, red, black, blue and white.
Tables and chairs
Tables and chairs are made of powder coated steel and polyethylene.
Emergency Kit
Secure the tent to the wind speed of 100 km / h The set includes: anchor with the length 45 cm, anchor ropes, 4 kg hammer, a device for pulling the anchor.

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