• Stand table
    Templates for designing the stand table download
  • Umbrellas
    Templates for designing the umbrellas in all sizes download
  • Chairs
    Templates for designing the chairs download
  • Deck chairs
    Templates for designing deck chairs download
  • Poncho Banners
    Template for graphic design download
  • Advertising cubes - Origami
    Template for graphic design download
  • Advertising wedges
    Template for graphic design on advertising wedges download
  • Pop-up canopies
    Templates for designing pop-up tents in all sizes download
  • Jehlan tents
    Templates for designing Jehlan tents in all sizes download
  • Dome tents
    Templates for designing Dome tents download
  • Beanbags
    Templates for designing beanbags, cubes and chairs in all sizes download
  • Flags
    Templates for designing flags in all sizes download
  • Roll-ups
    Templates for designing the rollups in all sizes download
  • Promotional barriers
    Templates for designing barriers download
  • Sails
    Templates for designing the ad shade sails in all sizes download
  • Aluminium gate
    Templates for designing aluminium gates download
  • Zipper-Walls
    Templates for designing the Zipper-Walls download


  • Pop-up canopies
    Assembly instructions for Octa Go, Octa Optima II, Octa Pro tents download
  • External power supply manual
    Octa Pro LED tent download
  • Stand table Solid
    Installation instructions for the SOLID stand table download
  • Environmental protection
    Information related to environment protection download
  • Umbrellas LED
    Assembly instructions for advertising LED umbrellas download
  • Comfort transport bag with built-in wheels
    Comfort transport bag with built-in wheels - Manual download
  • Rechargeable waterproof lamp
    Instructions for use download
  • Pop-up canopies
    Assembly instructions for Mitkotent Classic, Mitkotent Premium and Octa Pro tents download
  • Attached roof
    Assembly instructions for a pop-up canopy roof download
  • Sidewall with stiffening profile
    Assembly instructions for a sidewall with a lower stiffening profile of a pop-up canopy download
  • Countertops
    Assembly instructions for countertops of Mitkotent pop-up canopies download
  • Dome tents
    Assembly instructions for Dome tents download
  • Jehlan Static Starshades
    Assembly instructions for Jehlan Static download
  • LED lighting of Jehlan Static tents
    Assembly instructions for LED lighting of Jehlan Static tents download
  • Jehlan starshades technical specification
    Product specification download
  • Water weights
    Manual for water weights montage download
  • Umbrellas
    Assembly instructions for advertising umbrellas download
  • Advertising flags
    Assembly instructions for advertising flags download
  • Promotional barrier
    Assembly instructions for promotional barriers download
  • Advertising sun sails
    Assembly instructions for advertising sails download
  • Aluminium gate
    Assembly instructions for aluminium Omega gate download
  • Base with rotator
    Assembly instructions for flag bases with rotators download
  • Zipper-Walls
    Assembly instruction for Zipper Walls download
  • Textiles conservation
    Recommendations for maintenance of materials download

Principles of cooperation

    Warranty conditions for all MITKO products download


  • Mitko product catalogue
    Information about all Mitko products (EN) download
  • Printing guide
    Screen printing, solvent printing, sublimation printing, resin printing, UV printing download

Product sheets

  • Palermo LED 3,5 m
    Information card download
  • Torino LED 3,5x3,5 m
    Information card download
  • Octa Pro LED 3x4,5 m
    Information card download
  • Octa Pro LED 3x3 m
    Information card download
  • Milano LED 4m
    Information card download
  • Catania LED 3m
    Information card download
  • Technical comparison umbrellas
    Information card download
  • Information card
    LED lighting for Dome Tents download