Starshades Jehlan Static can withstand wind gusts up to 100km/h and are consistent with the requirements of PN-EN 13782:2015-2007 (depending on method of anchoring, according to information in manuals).

The Jehlan starshade construction is based on massive steel masts with a diameter of 76,1 mm to which a waterproof canopy roof is attached. The masts are embedded in bases anchored to the ground. A dedicated device facilitates correct measurement of distance between the masts and arms of the tent. One tent may roof an area of up to 227 m²! The Jehlan starshades are available in Mini and Base versions with diameters of 10 and 12m respectively.

The cover is made of waterproof, wear and tear-resistant polyester fabric. The sidewalls are fastened to the roof with brackets. Due to dye-sublimation printing technology the tents can be custom printed.

Important information

Resistance to wind up to 100 km/h
Jehlans are resistant to wind gusts up to 100 km/h which is confirmed by static calculations. Starshades Jehlan are in line with the norm PN-EN 13782:2015-07.
Structure of the Jehlan starshade is covered by a 2-year warranty. The structure consists of a steel base, aluminium mast and a top crown.
This enormous tent can accommodate 175 people and cover the space of 227 m². The Jehlan is available in versions with 1, 2 or 3 poles. It may have from 8 up to 12 entrances.
Ropes in masts and a crank in the base make raising the canopy fast and easy. The process of putting up the starshade takes about 40 minutes.
Frame components (mast and base), roof and walls are packed into durable bags. The longest component is only 140 cm long.
We offer impregnated polyester (200g / m²), as well as fade-resistant, reinforced, PVC-coated polyester (330g / m²). Fabrics are water and tear resistant.

Technical Details

Jehlan Alu (Static)
modelMini 1Mini 2Mini 3Base 1Base 2Base 2 StageBase 3
sizeFi 10 m10 × 13,7 m10 × 17,5 mFi 12,6 m12,6 × 17,2 m10,8 × 17,2 m12,6 × 21,7 m
entrance height220 cm220 cm220 cm220 cm220 cm220 cm220 cm
height437 cm437 cm437 cm497 cm497 cm497 cm497 cm
surface without / with walls15 m² / 71 m²32 m² / 108 m²50 m² / 146 m²32 m² / 112 m²63 m² / 170 m²54 m² / 154 m²93 m² / 227 m²
number of aluminium masts1231223
number of entrances81012810812
weight without / with walls (polyester 220 g)61 kg / 77 kg76 kg / 96 kg91 kg / 115 kg63 kg / 79 kg80 kg / 100 kg80 kg / 100 kg97 kg / 121 kg
weight without / with walls (PVC coated polyester 330 g)66 kg / 90 kg84 kg / 114 kg112 kg / 138 kg71 kg / 95 kg93 kg / 123 kg90 kg / 115 kg115 kg / 151 kg
bags qty with / without walls3 / 44 / 56 / 73 / 44 / 54 / 56 / 7

Wall types

Full sidewall
Full sidewall
Wall with zipped door
Wall with zipped door
Wall with panel window
Wall with panel window

Set contains

Roofed structure
Roofed structure
Anchors for fixing roof arms in a cover
Anchors for fixing roof arms in a cover
Pins for the mast base and a hammer in a cover
Pins for the mast base and a hammer in a cover
A device for arm measurement
A device for arm measurement

Colour palette

Covering of Jehlan tents is available in any colour with customised print made in screen-printing or dye-sublimation technology. Jehlan tents can be also ordered in 20 basic, solid fabric colours.
blackwhitedark graywarm grayecrubeigebrownyelloworangefluor. orangereddark redpurplevioletlight bluebluenavy bluelight greengreendark greencamouflage
PVC-COATED POLYESTER 330 g COLOUR PALETTE - The outer layer of PVC reinforces the fabric and protects against fading. Advertising is applied with solvent-based printing protected by lamination (on white fabric) as well as by screen printing (on colored fabric).
Emergency Kit
Secure the tent to the wind speed of 100 km / h. The set includes 45 cm anchors.
LED lighting
Available with 1, 2 and 4 lamps. White light effect. Power cable with the length of 5 m.
We offer a vestibule for the tent. It increases the total area and forms the main entrance for guests.
Tables and chairs
Tables and chairs are made of powder coated steel and polyethylene.
Tool for pulling anchors
Stalowa dźwignia z solidną podstawą i uchwytem do wyciągania kotew z ziemi. Wymiary transportowe: 76 × 20 × 8 cm, waga ok 3,9 kg.