Beanbags are convenient and comfortable products. Stronger fabrics and the option of having the beanbags and cubes fully branded make them indispensable advertising media, allowing you to arrange such places as recreational rooms, waiting rooms, showrooms, but also promotional spots in the open air.

Replaceable covers let you change the printing on the beanbags and thus surprising your customers or giving a completely different touch to your advertising space. A rich offer of sizes, shapes and fillings makes advertising beanbags a great event accessory which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Important information

Choose from beanbags made of polyester, reinforced PVC or eco-leather. The beanbag coating is resistant to abrasion and adapted to 100% digital printing.
Depending on the needs, advertising seats can be filled with regranulate, granulate, sponge or Styrofoam. Each filling offers the highest comfort.
Beanbags, armchairs and cubes are printed digitally on the entire surface. An unlimited choice of colours allows us to overprint the beanbags with any graphic themes and images.
Advertising beanbags are easy to clean. Maintenance details are available in downloads at the bottom of the site.

Technical Details

modelsizeweightgranulateregranulatestyrofoam blocksponge
Beanbag S75 × 105 cm3,2 kg--
Beanbag M85 × 105 cm4 kg--
Beanbag L100 × 95 cm6 kg--
Beanbag XL150 × 115 × 50 cm8 kg--
Cube 4040 × 40 × 40 cm1,5 / 2,4 kg--
Cube 5050 × 50 × 50 cm2,5 / 4 kg--
Cube Origami S40 × 40 × 40 cm3,5 kg----
Cube Origami M50 × 50 × 50 cm4,5 kg----
Chair Circle85 × 105 cm3,8 kg--
Chair Circle Junior60 × 80 cm3,8 kg--
Chair Square60 × 85 × 105 cm3,8 kg--
Chair Square Junior50 × 60 × 77 cm4 kg--
Beanbag Kiddy Sdiameter 40 cm0,4 kg--
Beanbag Kiddy Mdiameter 50 cm1 kg--
Beanbag Kiddy Ldiameter 60 cm1,8 kg--
Beanbags S, M, L
Beanbags S, M, L
Beanbag XL
Beanbag XL

Cubes 50 and 40 cm
Cubes 50 and 40 cm
Cubes Origami S and M
Cubes Origami S and M

Chairs Square, Circle, Junior
Chairs Square, Circle, Junior
Beanbags Kiddy S, M, L
Beanbags Kiddy S, M, L

Colour palette

Beanbags can be in any colour with customized print made in screen printing or dye-sublimation technology.