The promotional barrier is a perfect product for defining space. Digitally printed banners serve advertising purposes at the same time. The product is appreciated by sports teams for isolating service zones and event organizers zone to define particularly attractive sites for event participants. 200cm long modules can be linked together or placed separately. Extremely short assembly time makes it possible to quickly arrange and rearrange the barriers.

Legs and bars are made of steel profiles. Wide bases with eyelets for anchoring and pins ensure stability.

Advertising banners can be made of PVC weighting approx. 440g/m² or polyester weighting approx. 220g/m². The polyester version can be printed on both sides. Advertising prints are digitally printed. The banners are fastened to the base with cable ties. For transportation the banner is wound around the bar. This prevents it from damage and creasing.

Important information

The basic frame and its extensions can be freely combined and set at any angle. Promotional barriers can consist of any number of modules.
Bars, legs and bases are made of powder coated steel. The frame is resistant to mechanical damage.
Construction and banner are covered with 1-year warranty.
Simplicity of design makes assembly and disassembly is extremely fast and can be carried out by one person.

Technical Details

Promotional barrier
Promotional barrier (basic frame + 2 extensions with bases for soft ground)
1 module height100 cm
1 module length200 cm
the longest part200 cm
the total length of the kit600 cm
weight with 3 banners33 kg

Colour palette

We print banners digitally. Depending on the fibre type (PVC or polyester), it is printed in solvent or dye-sublimation technology. Solvent print coated with special laminate which protects against mechanical damage - scratches, abrasions, and increases resistance to UV radiation. Due to the lamination, PVC banners are easy to clean. Sublimation inks penetrate directly into the structure of the polyester. This makes the print is almost indestructible and highly resistant to UV radiation. Colours are more vibrant and contours very sharp. The structure of the polyester slightly impedes cleaning. A folded banner can be easily smoothed by compressing the printed side.