Pop-up canopies


Express tents can be used as a place to display materials promoting the company. The lightweight, aluminium frame makes it possible to assemble the tent by two people. The scissor-type structure folds out in only 60 seconds and will prove itself during short events. The offer includes 4 series of MITKO express tents in 14 size versions: from tents for standard use, through products designed for frequent and intensive use, to innovative constructions with built-in LED lighting to celebrate prestigious events.

Comparative table

Pop-up canopies
model Octa Go Octa Optima Octa Pro Octa Pro LED
leg profile
⌀ 43 mm

⌀ 48 mm

⌀ 54 mm

⌀ 54 mm
accessory mounting Easy-Hold
wall fastening hook-and-loop fasteners / zippers hook-and-loop fasteners / zippers hook-and-loop fasteners / zippers hook-and-loop fasteners / zippers
warranty 3 years 4 years 5 years 5 years

Size table

Pop-up canopies
Octa GoOcta OptimaOcta ProOcta Pro LED
Octa Go Octa Optima Octa Pro Octa Pro LED


Wondering what a tent with your company logo might look like?
Order a free and noncommittal tent design.
Express tents are the most popular kind of trade tents. They add variety to events with their colours, attracting the attention of visitors. They are an important element of brand or product promotion, and together with other event accessories such as advertising flags, rollups or seats (pouffes, armchairs, cubes), they create a coherent advertising campaign.

The advantages of the express tents include: simple operation when unfolding and folding, solid and lightweight aluminum construction, elegant and durable cover that can be used as an advertising carrier. Express tents are mainly used as commercial and service stands, a place of business meetings, information points, etc. - Depending on the needs and creativity of the owner. Well-designed graphics will turn the print on the tent into a perfectly functioning advertisement, and the tent itself into a medium for this advertising.

Express tents are produced in 4 versions: Octa Go, Octa Optima, Octa Pro(tents on octagonal profiles) and Octa Pro LED (tents with built-in LED lighting). All constructions have adjustable entrance height. The roof and walls are made of strong, waterproof polyester fabric. All elements of the tent are packed in special covers for easy storage and transport.