With our advertising deckchairs, you can accompany your customers on the beaches, in restaurants or during events, and your customers, unknowingly, associate with your brand so it becomes recognizable to them. If you want to stand out from the crowd even more, choose a double-sided printing and a back valance. Make good use of this advertising space and the message will certainly not go unnoticed.
Certyfikat TUV i FSC

TUV and FSC certification

Wymiana poszycia

Easy and tool-free cover replacement

Wytrzymałość poszycia

Increased cover strength

Uchwyty zabezpieczające leżaki

Patented safety handles

Comfortable advertising medium

The height-adjustable backrest of our advertising deckchairs will provide comfort during use. If you want to change the print on the cover or simply wash it, you can quickly and easily remove the cover from the frame, without using the tools. The robust frame of the deckchair guarantees that it can withstand loads up to 110kg. You don't have to worry about the deckchair folding in an uncontrollable way when one of your customers uses it, as it is protected by a patented grip. The safety of our deck chairs is guaranteed by granted certificates – the frame is TUV and FSC certified.

See your advertising deck chair

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Durable frame of advertising deckchairs

Choose from 3 types
of deckchairs, with one-sided, double-sided or with additional back valance.
Fabric fixed in the crossbar
the weight of the user is not transferred directly to the seams, which increases the strength of the fabric.
Panted safety
grips protect against uncontrolled and dangerous folding of the deckchair.
FSC Certificate
show your customers that you are acting responsibly, taking care of the environment.
A large advertising
space will allow you to present your advertising message.
Wear-resistant graphics
with clearly saturated colours, resistant to UV radiation

dimensions (height x width x length) 63/75/87 x 56 x 89/93/97 cm
dimension of the backrest 45 x 100 cm
transport dimension (height x width x length) 4 x 58 x 121 cm
Weight 3 kg

Colour palette

For production of deckchair cover we use fabrics resistant to tears and mechanical damage. MITKO advertising deckchair covers are digitally printed using the sublimation technique. This allows you to fully personalise cover of your deckchair - we will make it in the colour of your choice and place unique graphics on it (e. g. Your logo). The print made by sublimation method is durable and very resistant to UV radiation. The colours of the print are vivid and the contours are clear.