Advertising deck chairs are the most popular advertising seat with inscriptions. They combine utility and advertising functions. Low weight and small dimensions mean that they do not require a large storage space, and when unfolded they are perfect seats for event participants.

Plastic handles that secure the structure against accidental folding. The backrest is made of a strong polyester fabric printed digitally using the sublimation technique. Thanks to this, the backrests are resistant to UV radiation and are characterized by unusual clarity and color saturation.

Important information

Plastic handles that secure the structure against accidental folding.
The deckchair construction and cover fall under 12-month warranty.
The backrest of the sun deck chair is made of a digitally printed polyester fabric by sublimation, which guarantees the highest color saturation and edge sharpness.
The deckchair construction is made of beech wood and withstands a load of up to 110 kg.

Technical Details

Deck chairs
dimensions (height x width x length)63/75/87 x 56 x 89/93/97 cm
dimension of the backrest45 x 100 cm
transport dimension (height x width x length)4 x 58 x 121 cm
Weight3 kg

Colour palette

The backrests of advertising deck chairs are digitally printed using a sublimation method. The sublimation inks penetrate directly into the polyester structure. Thanks to this the print is almost indestructible and very resistant to UV radiation. The colors are extremely vivid and the contours are clear.