Advertising umbrellas

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Advertising umbrellas are an integral part of summer gardens in restaurants and hotels. They protect against the sun and rain, and with print they can nicely present the company's logo. Advertising umbrellas are a very popular and effective advertising medium, which thanks to the aluminum construction, is characterized by remarkable durability, as well as ease of transport and assembly.
Very strong aluminum construction

Very strong aluminum construction

24 months warranty

24 months warranty

Available versions with LED lighting

Available versions with LED lighting

Advertising and functionality

Advertising and functionality


Are you wondering what an advertising umbrella with your logo could look like?
Order a free and non-binding graphic design

Unrivalled Structure of Advertising Umbrella

Lightweight aluminum frame
guarantees easy transport and no frame corrosion
Steel base
provides stability, and in combination with weights, wind resistance up to 30 km / h
Reinforced canopy
made of waterproof and double-impregnated polyester fabric
Comfortable lifting system
quick and easy umbrella opening with a drawstring
Innovative technological solutions
available versions of umbrellas with built-in LED lighting
Wear-resistant graphics
with clearly saturated colors, printed on waterproof fabric

Technical Details

modelSan Luis ⌀ 2,5 mSan Carlos ⌀ 3 mSan Francisco ⌀ 3,5 mSan Marino ⌀ 4 mSan Remo 3,5 x 3,5 mSan Antonio 4 x 4 m
number of panels888844
mast diameterFi 40 mmFi 45 mmFi 50 mmFi 60 mmFi 60 mmFi 60 mm
entrance height188 cm201 cm195 cm200 cm206 cm225 cm
height with 6 cm base248 cm267 cm266 cm306 cm326 cm322cm
weight17 kg18 kg19 kg24 kg25 kg40 kg
lifting systemstringstringstringstringstringstring
the color of the structurewhitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhite
transport dimensions30 x 30 x 195 cm30 x 30 x 265 cm26 x 26 x 262 cm30 x 30 x 265 cm29 x 27 x 302 cm27 x 26 x 310 cm
guarantee12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months
modelToledo 2 x 2 mGranada 2,5 x 2,5 mValencia 3 x 3 m
number of panels444
mast diameterFi 45 mmFi 45 mmFi 45 mm
entrance height196 cm196 cm196 cm
height with 6 cm base246 cm246 cm252 cm
weight8 kg9 kg10 kg
lifting systemmanualmanualmanual
the color of the structuregraygraygray
transport dimensions25 x 25 x 155 cm25 x 25 x 200 cm25 x 25 x 220 cm
guarantee12 months12 months12 months
modelVerona ⌀ 2,5mCatania ⌀ 3 mPalermo ⌀ 3,5 mMilano ⌀ 4 mTorino 3,5 x 3,5m
number of panels88884
mast diameterFi 60 mmFi 60 mmFi 60 mmFi 60 mmFi 60 mm
entrance height200 cm200 cm200 cm200 cm200 cm
height with 6 cm base263 cm263 cm263 cm263 cm286 cm
weight18 kg21 kg23 kg25 kg26 kg
lifting systemTwineTwineTwineTwineTwine
the color of the structuregraygraygraygraygray
transport dimensions30 x 30 x 265 cm30 x 30 x 265 cm30 x 30 x 265 cm30 x 30 x 265 cm30 x 30 x 280 cm
guarantee12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months
also available in a version with integrated LED lighting

Colour palette

We use fabrics resistant to tears and mechanical damage for production. Printing on the cover of MITKO advertising umbrellas is done by digital printing. This will allow you to personalize your umbrella – we will make the cover in the colour of your choice and place unique graphics on it (e.g. Your logo).


Gryto base
Round sand-filled umbrella base. Diameter: 60 cm. The base fits the Toledo umbrella.
Svarto base
Sand-filled umbrella base. Dimensions: 99 × 99 cm. The base fits Grenada and Valencia umbrellas.