The Premium class canopy is the perfect unit for the most demanding customers. It is characterised by great resistance and a wide range of sizes. All fasteners are made of aluminium. A reinforced leg profile has a diameter of 40 x 40 mm. As a result, the canopy is even more resistant to adverse weather conditions. The sabres have a diameter of 30 x 15mm. The whole frame of the second generation advertising tents is equipped with the Easy-Hold system to easily fix accessories such as half-sides, flags, lightening or heating to the tent frame.

The frame has a three-stage height adjustment system. The canopy can be easily and safely lifted with a steel button outside the leg. In the lower part of the legs there are eyelets for quick assembly of profiles fastening the walls. A spring located inside the mast ensures perfect roof fastening. Durable brackets in the sidewalls make it easier to joint them. Selected tent sizes can have a raised entrance height up to 230 cm adjustable in increments of 5 cm.

Mitkotent Premium instant canopies are perfect for roofing of an area from 9 to 36 m². Sizes of 3 × 3, 3 × 4.5 can withstand wind gusts up to 100km/h and are consistent with the requirements of PPN-EN 13782:2015-07 (depending on method of anchoring, according to information in manuals). The frame is covered by a 5 year warranty.

Important information

All Premium frames are covered by a 5-year warranty.
Tents are equipped with the Easy-Hold system which enables the installation of accessories without any additional brackets.
Comfortable raising
Premium tents are equipped with the handy aluminium button that allows to easy fold the tent.
3 × 3, 3 × 4.5 and 3 × 6m Premium constructions conform to PN-EN 13782:2015-07 and can withstand wind gusts of up to 100km/h
The roof and sidewalls made of a reinforced, wear and tear-resistant, waterproof and double-impregnated polyester fabric.
Entrance height up to 230 cm
Selected tent sizes can have a raised entrance height up to 230 cm adjustable in increments of 5 cm.
Mitkotent Premium
size3 × 3 m3 × 4,5 m5 × 5 m6 × 6 m
entrance height198 cm198 cm198 cm198 cm
height with 6 cm base336 cm336 cm409442
weight29 kg37 kg81 kg94 kg
transport dimensions34 × 34 × 153 cm34 × 48 × 153 cm60 × 60 × 160 cm60 × 60 × 160 cm
Easy-Hold system
possibility of increasing the entrance height to 230 cm--

Wall types

Full sidewall
Full sidewall
Half-side wall
Half-side wall
Wall with panel window
Wall with panel window
Wall with 2 windows
Wall with 2 windows
Wall with 1 window
Wall with 1 window
Wall with door
Wall with door
Decorative leg curtains
Decorative leg curtains
Sidewall with the lower profile
Sidewall with the lower profile

Set contains

Roofed structure
Roofed structure
Pins for legs and guy ropes with anchors
Pins for legs and guy ropes with anchors
Transport covers
Transport covers

Fabrics and prints

Covering of the Mitkotent Premium pop-up canopy tents can be available in any colour with customised prints made in screen-printing or dye-sublimation technology. The Premium tents can be also ordered in 20 basic, solid fabric colours.
blackwhitedark graygrayecrubeigebrownyelloworangefluor. orangereddark redvioletlight bluebluestorm bluelight greengreendark greencamouflagesublimation
Transport Bag COMFORT
Made of enhanced fabric. It secures the roof and the frame from damages while transportation. You can pack the tent walls in the pocket.
Stand for dispenser
Mount the stand on the leg of the tent and place any hand sanitizer on it.
Automatic dispenser
Automatic dispenser mounted on the leg of the tent allows you to disinfect hands without contact.
Cast iron weights
They weigh 16 kg and are placed at the foot tent. For better stability, weights can be stacked.
Sand weights
They have a cap. 16kg. They are fastened vertically to the leg of the tent.
Wireless LED lighting
Wireless and waterproof (IP68), fastened with hook-and-loop straps. Maximum battery life up to 77 hours. It has 3 levels of brightness and "flash" and "power bank" functions (battery capacity 10400mAh). Full charge time is 8h.
LED lighting
Available with 1, 2 and 4 lamps. White light effect. Power cable with the length of 5 m.
Made of wood. Mounted on the profile of a half wall. Stability is guaranteed by aluminum profiles. The load can be as high as 30 kg! Packed in a solid carry bag.
Folded with elements 25x25 cm. Available in colours: gray, green, red, black, blue and white.
Tables and chairs
Tables and chairs are made of powder coated steel and polyethylene.
Mounted between the valances of the tents. Allows water to drain. Prevents flooding the area under a tent.
Emergency Kit
Secure the tent to the wind speed of 100 km / h The set includes: anchor with the length 45 cm, anchor ropes, 4 kg hammer, a device for pulling the anchor.
Attached roof
This attached roof can be perfectly used as an additional advertising space of your tent. It protects your customers standing right next to the tent from rain.
Holder for flags
A set of fasteners that allow the user to fasten the flag to the tent leg.
Complete with infrared heater, power cable with a length of 190 cm, a handle for the tent leg. Heating has power 2000 W and weighs only 1 kg.
Tent fasteners
Combine and stabilize the tents placed side by side. Allow to build "tent cities". The combined tents look more aesthetic. Resistant to any weather conditions.