Resin printing in the MITKO offer!

Resin printing in the MITKO offer!

Restaurant gardens and outdoor events are places equipped with printed umbrellas and advertising deckchairs. Both products are convenient for visitors and at the same time are an effective advertising medium. Unfortunately, when products are exposed to UV radiation, the colors of the graphics printed on them become less and less intense with time.

Resin printing in the MITKO offer!

In our printing house, a new technology is available, thanks to which the colors of the prints remain vivid for longer. Resin printing is characterized by the best color reproduction and the highest UV resistance. The fading tests of our tents showed that the cover, after 90 days of continuous exposure to sunlight, still kept the original color.

New sizes of advertising umbrellas

The introduction of a new printing technology is not the end of the news! Our offer includes as many as 3 new sizes of umbrellas with prints: 2x2, 2.5x2.5, 3x3. These size versions have been designed for customers who are looking for umbrellas for small areas. Their compact dimensions and low weight (these size versions weigh only 8-10 kg) make advertising umbrellas mobile and easy to transport.

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