Take care of the environment and ... save!

Take care of the environment and ... save!

We will not make the structures of our tents fully biodegradable, but thanks to the materials and technologies used in their production, we reduce the amount of waste. Meet our new MITKO NATURE collection.

We put emphasis on high quality of production, and we offer our customers access to spare parts and lifetime service of tents. We repair, not throw away, thanks to which our structures are used for many years.

The sheathing of the tents from the MITKO NATURE collection is made of recycled fabric made from PET bottles, and the tents are packed in an ecological way. By choosing a tent from this collection, you support environmental protection.

Tent from the MITKO NATURE series 10% cheaper!

Until the end of August, you can take advantage of the promotion, where you can buy a tent from the MITKO Nature series up to 10% cheaper. The discount applies to Octa pop-up tents (Go, Optima, Pro and Pro LED), with advertising prints made using the sublimation technique. If your structure is operational, replace the sheathing only. Tent walls from the MITKO Nature series are also covered by a 10% discount.

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The promotion lasts until the end of August or until stocks last. Details of the promotion can be found in the Regulations.