We are growing in Norway

We are growing in Norway

Sørlandsreklame has from the beginning in 1993 made its way to become one of the leading advertising companies in Norway.

It started with t-shirt printing and has developed to be more and more diffferent items and business in all promotional directions. Sørlandsreklame has currently 14 employees working on 2 locations in the southern part in Norway. The company turnover is 3,5 mill Euro in 2019 and the potential market is all over Norway.

Now in 2019 its main goal is to aim even higher and become wider in range of products. Quality has always been the company number one priority and therefore the short first touch with MITKO became the small spark for thinking in a longer perspective. Sørlandsreklame love companies that are innovative and the integrated LED light solution announced by MITKO, made their eyes open for our products.

"Norway has a small population and therefore the market is limited when compared to the bigger countries in Europe. We were searching for a professional supplier to serve us and We think MITKO has been the choice for a bright future. We look forward to improve together." - says Tore Michaelsen, director of sales in Sørlandsreklame.