Mitko tents are very often present at sporting events. Most frequently at extreme car rallies and bicycle races. Sports teams select portable Premium pop-up canopy tents. Competition organisers prefer big Jehlan starshades. To isolate service zones, promotional barriers are used. Advertising flags and beanbags make an indispensable accessory.
The Premium series canopies are widely used in motorsport. Due to their reinforced structure they are even more resistant to changing weather conditions. We recommend for servicing 2 cars 3x6 and 4x8m tents. The Mitkotent canopies are also used as relaxation zones for competitors, service points or time check points. With digital printing, you can customise your canopy with your own branding.
Jehlan starshades are perfectly suited as a competition office or check-in point before the rally. They can also serve as medical facilities for rescuers or as a field hospital.

Featured accessories

Stand for dispenser
Mount the stand on the leg of the tent and place any hand sanitizer on it.
Automatic dispenser
Automatic dispenser mounted on the leg of the tent allows you to disinfect hands without contact.
Wireless LED lighting
Wireless and waterproof (IP68), fastened with hook-and-loop straps. Maximum battery life up to 77 hours. It has 3 levels of brightness and "flash" and "power bank" functions (battery capacity 10400mAh). Full charge time is 8h.
Sand weights
They have a cap. 16kg. They are fastened vertically to the leg of the tent.
LED lighting
Available with 1, 2 and 4 lamps. White light effect. Power cable with the length of 5 m.
Mounted between the valances of the tents. Allows water to drain. Prevents flooding the area under a tent.
Holder for flags
A set of fasteners that allow the user to fasten the flag to the tent leg.
Automatic dispenser
Automatic dispenser mounted on the leg of the tent allows you to disinfect hands without contact.


I can not imagine our teamwork without MITKO's equipment. It is very fast to assemble and this is a very important matter for us. It is durable and we work in very different terrain and all possible atmospheric conditions. It is saturated with colors and as we are racing for the money of our Partners, so the display of their logos is very important to us.

- Rafał Płuciennik, Head of the RMF 4RACING Team
As an event manager of sports competitions I would like to recommend MITKO products and cooperation with this company. Professional customer service and product quality have made me not even consider other companies producing event advertising media. In addition, the products of MITKO are also good as a base for building sports towns during other events, as a shelter for players and teams.

- Wiktor Zemanek, Manager Beskidia Downhill
We use MITKO tents during all events organized by us. At an express speed, each employee can handle their distribution, and most importantly, the creators have thought about such facilities as the possibility of lighting suspension or a spring tensioning the roof. The tents we use have repeatedly been tested in very difficult conditions and the durable construction has survived everything (literally)!

- Szymon Syrzistie, kierownik Joy Ride
I would like to thank you - as a company - for the demonstrated flexibility. I assure you that I will recommend your company as a reliable business partner. In the case of another demand for advertising materials - you will definitely be a company with which I want to cooperate.

- Anna Buczyńska, Marketing Manager, Zipp Skutery Sp. z o.o.