A tent as the center of your winter event


Successful event

Our idea for a successful event: secure appropriate facilities, preferably in the form of an Express or Jehlan tent. This will be the perfect point indicating that something is going on. Do not forget to inform the participants who is the host of the event. In order to exhibit your logo best, printing on the roof or/and on walls of the tent will be the perfect solution. The possibility to print on the whole surface of the product will allow your customers to learn about your brand, products or services that you offer.

The event nature can be stressed by installing advertising flags like in the picture - XL size is the best. Learn about all shapes and sizes here. And with super mobile and easy-to-use rollups.

Event accessories

Sometimes the tent is the place where everything begins ? it is located in the centre of the event and everything takes place around it, and sometimes the whole event is going on under the tent like in the next picture

Depending on the nature of the event, sometimes just the tent or tents alone are enough, and sometimes you need to arrange the seats. And in this case, the armchairs and bean bags from Mitko come to the rescue. The most popular seats are the classic bean bags in sizes S, M and L, but we also offer about 15 seat models made of different materials and with different filling, so that everyone can choose the best product for themselves.

During a winter event, we have to ensure that our employees and customers are warm. We must take care to keep them during the breaks from the fun. Special IR lamps can do wonders and they will ensure that everyone will have wonderful memories from your event, and you can be sure that your brand will be associated only positively, as one that takes care of the client on many levels, starting from the fun and activities organization up to providing such a basic thing is thermal comfort during the winter event.

The last accessories which are indispensable during the event in the long winter evenings concern lighting - our choice is wireless LED lighting. I think the convenience of not having power cables for lighting lying around is obvious and everyone will appreciate it. 4 light modes and the POWERBANK functionality are sufficient advantages to choose this product.

And at the end you should decide whether the space around the tent will be completely open or if you want you set advertising hurdles to fence off different zones during the event. This is our entire recipe for a winter event.

We hope that with this short text, we were able to help you in the planning and organisation of your dream event for you and your customers. Of course, we encourage you to check our other products and accessories. Not accidentally our slogan is ? MITKO FOR EVENTS.

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