Large-scale event – how to handle it?

Outdoor event – roofing for a big event.

Open-air events enjoy growing popularity, especially during spring and summer. It is the beginning of the season of picnics, concerts, festivals, and other events “under the open sky”. The autumn-winter period does not exclude such events either. Solutions available on the market provide a roofing and permit to heat the space, which solves the problem.

When organizing such venture, it is important to be prepared for any kind of circumstances, especially weather changes which may often change the course of an event. Basic technical solution for every open-air event is the party tent. Currently the selection is wide – we offer frame tents, pneumatic tents, star tents Jehlan, or dome tents. The two latter ones are truly revolutionary solutions when it comes to the organization of really LARGE events.

Tents for your event – our offer

The structure of the star tent JEHLAN is based on massive masts with a waterproof roof attached to them. When set up, one tent provides a roof over an area of up to 227 m2 and their diameter depends on the dimensions of 10 m or 12 m. Assembly time is approximately 40 minutes.

Unique look (viewed from above, it looks like a giant star) makes an impression on all the event participants. The tent may serve as a plain roof over the area, but when the weather changes, the walls can be zipped together creating a closed space. The fabric of the tent can be printed on, which is another positive aspect and advantage for advertisers or event organizers if the event is organized under own brand.

Another interesting option are DOME tents. This is a product for those who value originality and unconventional solutions. The tent is based on the shape of a pentagon or hexagon with the roofing covering up to 22 m2. Thanks to the form of the dome, the solution looks definitely far from standard.

Quick assembly of 30 minutes, easy transport of this advertising medium, and its original look place it high in the classification of tents. The modularity of this product, i.e. possibility of combining elements and increasing the area, gives a wide spectrum of possible uses during all kinds of events. Just like in the case of the star tent, all the fabric can be printed on, which is often used by companies that buy the tent and use it during periodic events.

The safety of both tents is confirmed by certificates, including statistical calculations PN – EN 13782:2015-2017 and flammability tests, which makes those carriers one of top choices for open-air events.

Impress with one-of-a-kind roofing

The above-described solutions will work perfectly during outdoor events, such as festivals, fairs, concerts, and open-air weddings. Unusual shape, colors, and functionality will make the event under such roof an unforgettable experience for the attendees.

Customers are becoming increasingly open to diversity and they expect innovative inimitable solutions.
Decide which of the two options works better for your event and surprise your customers with the star tent JEHLAN or a DOME tent.

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