How to plan participation in trade fairs?


Preparing the stand for the fair

Participation in a trade fair, irrespective of the field the company is engaged in, is an organizational challenge. Effective sales are possible when a number of conditions related to the fair are met. In order to fulfil these conditions, it is necessary, first and foremost, to ensure that activities connected to the trade fair event are separated from its logistics already at the planning stage.

Specify goals

Participation in the fair in each case should be preceded by an analysis of needs and the definition of sales targets that you want to achieve. The trade fair gives you great opportunities to reach a selected group of customers and usually - if well-planned - it turns out to be a sales hit.

It cannot be denied that apart from the offer of your company, customers, salespeople's knowledge and appearance, it is your stand that will assist the sales. Companies which organise trade fairs offer, in fact, standard, board stands, however, they will not give you the opportunity to present your company to your customers in an unconventional and visible way. This type of stand construction is designed for smaller companies that do not have the budget and logistics to invest in their own trade fair stand. Regardless of whether you decide on a standard stall or your own solutions in the construction of a stand, you need a suitable space.


Before you order your exhibition space, you should draft a sketch specifying the layout of individual elements on your stand. This will make it easier to select the most suitable place in the hall. It will also help in discussions and negotiations with the trade fair coordinator when ordering the retail space. Below you will find a sketch of our stand for RemaDays held in February 2016.

Make a detailed list of things to take!

Making a detailed list of things that need to be taken is the key to your logistics success story. In this case, the list specifies not only elements of which a stand is built, but also any tools that are used by traders and even those who construct the stand - of course if you delegate such people from your company. See an excerpt from our list below.

Draw conclusions and correct errors

Remember to note down your customers' remarks as well as your company employees' who attend them. Any, even seemingly the least significant remark may help make your next trips more successful and eventually prevent confusion at the stand, which can be caused by not enough pens or staples to fasten business cards to the notebook.

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