LED lighting for tents and umbrellas

LED lighting integrated into the frame - comfort and functionality

We were the first to create advertising tents and umbrellas with lighting integrated into the structure. Specially for these products were constructed truss bars with channels in which LED strips are permanently placed, without reducing the mechanical strength and functionality of tents and umbrellas.

This innovation was recognized at RemaDays Warsaw 2019 and awarded a silver medal in "The Prize for Innovations" competition in the Outdoor Advertising category. Why were these frames appreciated not only by the RemaDays organizers but also by our customers?

The Octa Pro LED tent is the first model among advertising tents available on the market in which lighting has been integrated into the frame. This is a great convenience that helps our customers save precious minutes when organizing events, as they no longer have to waste time unpacking and fixing separate lighting. The light intensity integrated into the Octa Pro LED tent structures is at the level of 4000 lumens, providing illumination under the tent's roof to allow comfortable use of this space. At the same time, the power consumption is low - only 50-90 watts, depending on tent size.

The frame with integrated lighting not only impresses with its functionality but also with the aesthetic experience it provides - the illuminated tent is a guarantee of a luxurious setting for events. The potential of this solution can be used especially during evening events, when the illuminated tent stands out with an unusual glow against the background of a dark sky. Another advantage of the Octa Pro LED series is the Easy-Hold system for quick and easy installation of additional components and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

The LED lighting integrated in the structure is powered by a 230 V AC adapter or a 12 V DC battery. The 230 V power supply is ideal for events taking place in locations with access to a permanent power source. The 12 V DC power supply, on the other hand, is extremely useful during events where access to electricity is difficult or impossible.

Another products in our offer having lighting integrated with the structure are LED advertising umbrellas. Umbrellas with integrated lighting attract the attention of guests at events held in the evening. In the catering industry they are not only a spectacular decoration, but above all, functional equipment of catering gardens. Thanks to the built-in LED technology, the umbrellas not only protect guests from adverse weather conditions, but also illuminate the space while consuming little power - the power consumption is only 70-90 W (depending on the size of the umbrella) at a light intensity of 4000 lumens.


LED lighting and ecology

LEDs are an environmentally friendly solution. The main advantage of LEDs is their energy efficiency - while traditional incandescent lighting converts only 5% of electricity into light, in the case of LEDs this indicator is able to reach up to 90%. In practice, this means that LED lighting is almost 20 times more more economical than ordinary incandescent light. Lower power consumption in turn translates into lower electricity bills, which is especially important for people who use advertising equipment on a daily basis, such as owners of catering gardens who equip them with advertising umbrellas with built-in LED lighting.

In addition to saving energy, LED lighting also ensures safety. Due to the fact that this light source does not heat up to high temperatures, using it in combination with flammable materials is safe and does not carry the risk of fire. For people spending long periods of time in a space lit by artificial light, it is also important that the LED lighting does not generate harmful UV light, making it safe for the eyes and skin.

Another factor proving that LED lighting is environmentally friendly is certainly its durability - LEDs do not require frequent replacement, which significantly reduces the amount of waste produced.

Our products have always been created in the spirit of "zero waste", so the introduction of the tents and umbrellas frames with a built-in eco-friendly light source was an important stage in the development of the company. The fact that the fate of the environment is an important issue for the MITKO company is proved by the fact that we produce only from high quality materials, the durability of which enables a long-term use of the event equipment. What's more, in order to extend the life of our products even further, we offer spare parts that are available to our customers "off the shelf". Thanks to this, in case of a possible defect, there is no need to replace the entire structure of the tent or event umbrella, but only its damaged part. We use products made from recycled materials to pack orders, and a significant number of them are certified as environmentally friendly.


MITKO advertising tents and umbrellas with LED lighting

Umbrella or event tent lighting allows you to comfortably use the space under their roof regardless of the time of day. However, the right lighting at events plays an important role not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of the visual experience. We know this, which is why we care about creating innovations that will make it possible for our customers to present their brands in a professional way during events that are important for them. LED lighting built into the truss bars is certainly such a solution - event guests will not pass indifferently by such a design. In addition, the lighting integrated into the frame reduces the time of setting up the tent or advertising umbrella due to the fact that there is no need to install additional elements in the form of lamps.

Frames with LED lighting integrated into the truss bars available in the MITKO offer:

  • The industry's first express tent with LED lighting integrated into the frame. The light output is adjustable, so it can be adapted to all conditions. It is phenomenal for evening outdoor events. Octa Pro LED tent available in sizes: 3 × 3 m; 3 × 4. 5 m.
  • LED advertising umbrellas an indispensable piece of equipment for hotels, restaurants and other catering establishments with summer gardens. The umbrella protects from the sun and light rainfall, and provides light after dusk. The LED umbrella is available in the following sizes: Ø 3 m; Ø 3. 5 m; Ø 4 m; 3. 5 × 3. 5 m.

Built-in LED lighting offers a modern variety of outdoor events as well as indoor events such as trade shows. In combination with the original print on the canopy, it will be an attractive advertising medium.

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