Exposing graphics on Jehlan tents


About Jehlan tents

Jehlan tent is one of the few shelters that perfectly work as an advertising medium. The whole surface of the tent cover is visible from a distance as well as close range. Its significant height makes the tent visible even when surrounded from all sides by other tents or stands. The entire cover can be overprinted. Also colours of available fabrics can be used. Without printing graphics on all elements of the cover, we reduce the cost of the tent, and at the same time, the tent is completely coloured.

Large graphics

Jehlan - the starshade - is a very large shelter. It often replaces tent halls during events, being the ideal advertising medium. The large surface is perfectly suited to the task. The printed graphics can be designed in very large dimensions, and by placing it in the upper parts of the roof we are sure that it will be visible from anywhere around.


However, the division of the roof into triangular fields tapering upwards can be an obstacle. They do not form a flat surface but are joined together at an angle. It causes that if a too long element (a logo, an inscription or a photographed object) is printed on two or more walls, it collapses optically when viewed from the outside. Therefore, we must take into account the aberration of the object and design graphics so as not to be subject to this phenomenon.


In Jehlan tents the walls are semicircular, so you can easily detach them from the roof. This cannot be forgotten when designing the tent. In summer, with good weather conditions and high air temperatures, walls are often removed so that the tent is airy. So, when detaching the walls you get rid of, for example, part of a logo, and the advertisement may be, unfortunately, counterproductive. You can cut off part of an advertised item this way and, thus, risk becoming a laughing-stock.


When designing advertising tents, we always have to take into account the contrast between the text and the background as well as the colours of the surroundings, as we usually want to stand out. We can also design the print so that after twilight, when illuminating the tent from the inside, it is impressive for the outside observers. Bright colours of the graphic on the contrasting background will shine even in the night scenery.

Only graphics?

Big tents usually look good from a distance. This is also the case with the Jehlan tent. Is it possible to print information, for example about the company, in a smaller font on the tent cover? Yes, it is. In this instance, the best part of the tent is the wall. You should have the possibility of detaching it, but you can always leave one and it will not affect the free flow of air inside. However, too small prints will not be legible for all because the cover is inclined at the angle of 46-50 degrees.

An advertising flags for outdoor advertising can be an interesting addition. The interior can be enriched with roll-ups and unusual seats, such as beanbags or advertising cubes.

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