Event accessories for tents


Event accessories for tents

At an event not only a tent can serve as an unusual way of advertising, but also other, additional media can be used for this purpose. Among interesting event accessories, we can distinguish those for the outside of the tent, such as:

- advertising flags
- printed umbrellas
- roll-ups and advertising stands
- barriers with printed banners

and those intended for the tent interiors
- seats in the form of beanbags and armchairs
- advertising cubes.

By creating a coherent and consistent advertisement with more than one medium, we can be sure that its impact will be greater.

Outside accessories

By placing an ad on advertising flags or barriers, we increase the promotional space. The flags can be attached to the tent structure and then no additional bases are needed. With the variety of colours and sizes, flags can be easily matched to graphics we want to expose. An additional advantage of the flag is its small transport and storage size.

If you want to increase the sheltered area, it is a good idea to put several umbrellas next to the tent. They can also include advertising message and protect you from the sun and rain while being an interesting element of the stand.

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Event accessories for tent interiors

They include all types of seats whose covers can be printed. The most popular of them are sako beanbags. Their shape resembles half of a large egg until you sit on it and fall slightly down. The beanbags are very comfortable and adapt to the sitting position. This is due to the filling with soft and safe polystyrene granules. Similar characteristics feature beanbags in the shape of large cushions on which you can also assume lying position.

Ad cubes are ideal for relaxing and comfortable sitting. If they have a foam filling, they are soft. On the other hand, they are rigid and lightweight when filled with polystyrene. Depending on the type of ad, you can order any size of advertising cubes. Standard offer includes cubes with a wall size of 40 or 50 cm. Here, folding Origami cubes should be mentioned which, in addition to their advertising function, serve as mobile "cabinets". A removable lid of the cube enables storage of smaller accessories of the advertising stand.

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Material types

Most materials are resistant to abrasion and moisture. Some of them are waterproof and easy to be cleaned of slight dirt. The manufacturer always takes into account that it is not a disposable product and is intended to serve the customer for an extended period of time.

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